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A-STAY Antwerp, the safest staycation destination!

  • Saturday 12th May 2020
When opening our first A-STAY location in Antwerp in November of last year, little did we know our unique use of tech and lower staff approach would become so relevant so soon. A-STAY Antwerp has all the tools and knowledge to assure all of you a safe environment in times of COVID-19. Our dedication to be your home-away-from-home is very much alive.


With us it’s all easy peasy lemon squeezy from check-in to check-out. Our innovative and extensive usage of technology allows you to put together your own stay with a minimum of human intervention. Not only convenient in case of a pandemic, but simply delightful when you’re just having a bad day. From the self-check-in by scanning the palm of your hand, to opening the door of your room high-fiving the scanner and making purchases or checking the status of your bill on your smartphone, A-STAY has what it takes to feel at ease in your home away from home.

“We miss interacting with our stayers the way we use to, but the rules of social distancing can be viewed as something fun.  It’s like a game we play.  It makes it easier.”
Safety Measures @ A-STAY Antwerp:

A-STAY’s entrance is a revolving door, allowing you to enter hands-free.

Checking in happens at clean self-serve screens, at least 1.5m apart from each other. The screens and other equipment are disinfected after each use. By each screen, a disinfection pump is available for your hands.

Opening the door to your room is done with the palm of your hand at the individual palm vein scanner by each door without even having to touch it. Also, your door handle and the scanner are disinfected after each stay to make sure it’s safe.

Strict hygiene measurements take place after each stay: bed & bathroom get extra thorough cleanse and disinfection and all furniture and service panels are disinfected.

A-STAY‘s staff, the ‘Locals’, actively monitor social distancing by stayers who use the ‘Playground’, the communal area downstairs.

Around communal tables and the bar, every other chair is turned outward with a “no-parking” sign to help guests respect social distancing.

A one-way flow is taped out on the floor of our Playground.

Elevators are only allowed to be used by one person at a time.

Locals working at A-STAY have received training on social distancing and safety measurements, fully activating what they have learned. All Locals have access to masks and gloves for their protection.

Any snacks or beverages available at the ‘Grab’nGo’, can be paid for by using the order screens. Screens and digital payment equipment are disinfected after each use.

A food delivery point is installed at the entrance of A-STAY, allowing guests to discover local cuisine in their own safe environment.

A-STAY is cashless, a much cleaner option than passing on paper money or coins. Pens are provided to punch in your pin code.

A-STAY Antwerp is located in the Pelikaanstraat 86 next to the Central train station, an ideal starting point to “unfold the city”. We are committed to make you feel like a local, uncovering all secret hotspots that would normally take you ages to discover. Because in times of keeping your distance, nothing makes more sense than connecting again.