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Ain't nothing like your own backyard

Ain't nothing like your own backyard

Hi there,

Nice meeting you!
How are you doing? And your business?
Challenging times? We know how it feels.

We had the COVID-19 outbreak timed just 4 months after opening the doors of our hotel. So we understand the struggle and the insecurity. Still, every day new stayers are visiting our hotel and expecting us to ‘UNFOLD THE CITY’ for them. So we need you, all of you.


We at A-STAY have set our mind on supporting small/big/new/old local businesses that make this city such a unique place. Therefore we offer you the use of our social channels. And eventhough we aren’t famous and our support is modest, there are no real strings attached. If you’re with us on this idea we would love for you to share our content about you on your own social channels and that you have our A-STAY ‘approved’ sticker on the window of your business. This way our stayers and community will know where to go.

We will be posting regularly in our stories about your business, and about other local businesses that replied to our call. Both on Facebook and Instagram we will help you reach out to new people. Besides that we’re also offering the TV-screens at A-STAY to flaunt your activities.

We will make sure your business gets tagged in our posts and we’ll give you a list of other places to visit/hang/eat/shop/… that we would recommend in Antwerp.

Looking forward to meeting you partner! A-STAY Antwerp


If you want to get featured, all you have to do is provide us with:


• 1-3 high res images (portrait oriented) describing your business
• A short, caption length, text about what you are/do
• A list of URL’s for your: website, Facebook, Instagram
• Optionally a good quality video of 10 seconds


Oh yes, if you want to be featured on our TV screens, we’ll really need that high res quality. So no smartphone pictures, the real deal: 300dpi. Send all of this to info@a-stay.com before the end of October.

Want to get A-stay news ?

Want to get A-stay news ?