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  • No-smoking hotel

    A-STAY is a non-smoking property. Smoking is not allowed inside. If we catch you smoking anywhere in this building except the designated areas outside, your bank account will get a heart attack.

  • Can I receive an invoice ?

    Yes. You can always ask for an invoice during your checkout. Ask our Locals team if you are not sure of the process.

    In case of corrections to invoices requested by the client after the invoice has been issued, for reasons not caused by the hotel, administrative fee of minimum €35 will apply.

  • How can I contact A-STAY Antwerp?

    You can email us at antwerp@a-stay.com, call us at +32 (0) 3 53 53 553.

  • Where is A-STAY Antwerp located?

    A-STAY Antwerp is located on Pelikaanstraat 86, 2018 Antwerp in Belgium; right by the central train station.

  • Is A-STAY in the center of Antwerp?

    Absolutely yes! We are located next to the train station and just a 5 minute walk from the Zoo. The biggest shopping street in town ‘de Meir’ is just 8 minutes on foot from the hotel. We are surrounded by one of Antwerp’s most thriving businesses, the diamond sector and amidst a very multicultural neighbourhood (read: foodie heaven). The city is yours to explore, at your own pace. Always easy to access, wherever you come from. With A-STAY, you are ready to unfold the city.

  • Is parking available at A-STAY Antwerp?

    You can park your car in our private indoor parking lot. The entrance to our parking Is in our driveway. Parking spots can be booked in advance and cost €28 per night. If our parking is full, public parking facilities are available approximately 5 minutes by foot:

    • Interparking – Van Immerseelstraat 2, 2018 Antwerp
    • Q-Park – Koningin Astridplein 41, 2018 Antwerp (electric car charging available)
    • Q-Park – Vestingstraat 39, 2018 Antwerp

    Please note that A-STAY Antwerp is located in a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Foreign and polluting vehicles must be registered online before entering the city centre, or they will be fined. Check if you need to register here.

  • Which is the nearest airport?

    The nearest airport is Antwerp International Airport (ANR – Luchthavenlei, 2100 Antwerpen). A taxi ride takes 20 minutes and costs about €15. You can also take bus 51, 52 or 53 from the airport to train station Antwerpen-Berchem. Get off there and take tram 9 to train station Antwerpen- Centraal. A one-way ticket costs € 3.00 and is valid for 60 minutes. A mobile m-ticket, also valid for 60 minutes, is available via De Lijn app and costs only €1.80. From train station Antwerpen- Centraal it’s 2-minute walk to A-STAY. The whole journey takes about 30 minutes.

  • How do I get from Brussels Airport to A-STAY?

    There are 35 daily trains directly from Brussels Airport to Antwerpen-Central. The ride costs you €13.80 one way and takes just 30 minutes. From Antwerpen-Central, A-STAY is only a 2 minute walk away. You can also opt for a taxi. It’ll take you 40 minutes and set you back €120.

  • Which is the nearest train station?

    The nearest train station is Antwerpen-Centraal, 350 m from A-STAY, less than 2 minutes by foot.

  • Which is the nearest metro station?

    The nearest metro station is Antwerpen Diamant Metro, 130m from A-STAY.

  • Where is the closest ATM?

    The closest ATM is on the ground floor of the train station Antwerpen-Centraal.

  • Where is the closest pharmacy?

    The closest pharmacy is Lloydspharma on the ground floor of the train station Antwerpen- Centraal.

  • Where is the closest hospital?

    The closest hospital is A.Z. Sint Vincentius on Sint-Vincentiusstraat 26/A, 2018 Antwerpen. It’s only 2.1 km from the hotel, about 7min by car. The telephone number there is +32 (0)3 285 20 00.

  • How do I book a room at A-STAY?

    Please go to www.a-stay.com and click on the “book now” button.

  • What do I need to make a reservation?

    A-STAY is conveniently cashless. We require a credit card only as a guarantee for room bookings.

  • Will I receive a confirmation of my booking?

    Once you confirm your booking, you will receive a confirmation via email with a summary of your stay.

  • I haven’t received a confirmation for my booking, what should I do?

    Please send us a message at reservations@a-stay.com or call us at +32 (0) 3 53 53 553.

  • How do I cancel my booking?

    If reservation was made directly through our website, email us at reservations@a-stay.com or call at +32 (0) 3 53 53 553. If reservation was made through external booking channel, reservation needs to be cancelled with that channel directly.

  • What is A-STAY’s cancellation policy?

    The cancellation policy depends on what rate you are booking and suits you best. The policy for each rate is clearly noted when booking on www.a-stay.com.

  • Can I book a room without a credit card?

    A credit card is required to book a room at A-STAY via the website. However you can pay with a credit or a debit card upon arrival.

  • How big are the rooms at A-STAY? What types of rooms can I choose from?

    We have 5 types of rooms. All rooms are single or double occupancy only, except for the KING STAY + SOFA which include a pull out couch, for a third person.

    • STAY rooms: 18 m2 / on floors 1 – 12
    • KING STAY rooms: 20-22m2 / on floors 1 – 12
    • KING STAY + SOFA rooms: 20-22m2 / on floors 1 – 12
    • XL STAY rooms: 23m2 / on floors 1 – 12
    • ACCESSIBLE rooms: 20-22m2 / on floors 1-8
  • Are connecting rooms available?

    A-STAY doesn’t have connecting rooms. The rooms with the most occupancy capacity are the KING STAY + SOFA room. All rooms fit a baby bed.

  • Are there rooms adapted to stayers who have special needs?

    Yes, we have 8 rooms which are specifically designed for stayers who have a special need.  These rooms have wider doors and more space in between the furniture in the room to fit a wheel chair.  Some features are also fitted lower on the walls so that they are within easy reach.  The bathroom is especially designed to accommodate a stayer with mobility restrictions.  Stayers with sight impairment can get to their room using Braille on signage in the elevator and at the door of their room.  We also host service dogs.  Always contact us on antwerp@a-stay.com if you have questions about your stay and a special need.  We have processes in place which will make your stayer less stressful!

  • Does A-STAY have bathtubs or showers?

    All of our rooms have rain showers with eco-friendly amenities. There are no bathtubs.

  • I’m travelling with a baby. Does A-STAY provide baby beds?

    Yes, A-STAY has baby beds. You can order the bed in advance when you book your room at www.a-stay.com or add it later when you check-in. The baby bed is free of charge and can be used for children up to 2 years of age.

  • Are there hairdryers in the rooms?

    Yes, all rooms have a hairdryer.

  • Are pets allowed at A-STAY?

    Dogs are allowed at A-STAY. There is an additional charge of €9 per night. Your pet gets a doggie bed and a water and food bowl to use during your stay. Please mention you are bringing your dog in your reservation request, call us or email us at reservations@a-stay.com.

  • How do I check-in at A-STAY?

    Come directly to our Locals ! They will welcome you with pleasure!

    Don’t forget your ID or passport and your debit/credit card. A-STAY is a cashless hotel.

    Remember that tourist tax must always be added to your room rate.

  • How do I know my room number?

    Once you have checked-in, we will send you an email with the room number for your stay.

  • What time can I check-in or out?

    Check-in is from 15:00 to 23:30 and check-out is at 11:00 latest.

  • Can I check-in without an ID?

    Just like at any hotel, a valid European ID or international passport is mandatory for check-in.

  • How do I pay for my stay?

    A-STAY is cashless, so we only accept credit and debit cards.

  • How much is city tax?

    City tax is €2.97 per person per night.

  • Can I store my luggage somewhere?

    Yes, we have storage available at €5.5  per locker. Ask a Local to help you. Storing your bags is on check-in or check-out days.

    We assume no liability for fire, loss, theft or damage.

  • Is there staff available who can help me if I need it?

    Yes! Our Locals are available 24/7 to assist you. You will recognize them by the logoed t-shirts. They are usually in the Playground area.

  • Is breakfast included during my stay?

    Breakfast isn’t automatically included during your stay. This optional add-on costs is  €19 per person per day.

  • When and where is breakfast served?

    Breakfast is served between 7 – 10am in our Playground.

  • Do you have a restaurant?

    We don’t have a sit-down full service restaurant. This doesn’t mean you will go hungry. We have a Grabn’Go which is open 24/7, stocked with snacks, ready to eat meals, soups and pizza .  You can grab a pizza and cook it in one of our pizza ovens. There is also loads of drinks to choose from.

    Whatever you want is ok with us! To pay for your food and drinks, just use the order screens in the Playground.

  • Do you have a bar?

    Yes, we do! We have two easy to use taps of beer where you can tap your own beer. And for other soft and alcoholic beverages, you can visit our Grabn’Go.

  • What services do you offer?

    At A-STAY you book a room and then add on services you care enough about to pay for. Some services are more affordable when you book in advance on our website. You can add on services either when you book with us on our website, at check-in or TV available in your room. We have the following services you can choose from:

    Add-Ons in advance

    • Breakfast: €19,5 per person per day
    • Pet (dog): €9 per night
    • Late check-out (upon availability): €15 until maximum 2pm; after  that, charge of extra night applies
    • Early check-in upon availability
    • Parking (upon availability): €28 per vehicle and night (from regular check-in to check-out time)

    Add-Ons at location

    • Daily cleaning: €15
    • Lockers: free (on check-in and check-out days only)
    • The Square (meeting room):  €190 half day / €290 full day
    • Co-working: €15 per day (includes WIFI and hot beverages)
    • Laundry wash / dryer session (10kg): €2 / €4
    Free Add-Ons
    • GYM
    • Baby bed
  • What other facilities do you have?

    190 non-smoking rooms, including rooms adapted for those with reduced mobility or special needs.

    • Elevator
    • Superfast WIFI
    • Luggage storage
    • Laundry facilities
    • Multilingual staff
    • Dogs are welcome
    • A well-equipped Gym
    • A Playground (lobby)
    • Breakfast buffet or as take-away
    • Grabn’Go
    • Bar
    • Coffee & tea station
    • Printer and computer
    • Co-working space
    • A meeting space called The Square
    • Our Urban tent
    • Two communal kitchens (for long-stayers only)


    • Heating/AC
    • Interactive TV to help you personalize your stay, inclusive of streaming possibilities
    • A safe deposit box for valuables
    • Clothes hangers
    • Desk
    • Hairdryer
    • Super-fast WIFI with individual internet access point
    • Rain shower with eco-friendly amenities
    • A cooling fridge
  • Is there an internet connection?

    We believe in speedy and free WIFI for everyone visiting us. Just connect to the A-STAY Guest network. Each room has an individual internet access point, which makes your online experience super smooth.

  • Do you have a meeting room?

    We call our meeting room The Square, because that’s where people in a city meet. The Square seats 8 people. It comes with a large TV screen for sharing important information, is sound proof and has a kitchen for those who get hungry, and a view of our green Backyard. Ask our Locals team to book your meeting room : reservations@a-stay.com

  • Do you have a gym?

    Yes, we do. You can find it on the ground floor. It has top of the line cardio and strength equipment to use. Our gym is included in your room rate.

  • What should I do if I need help with my invoice?

    Please send your request to antwerp@a-stay.com.

  • I’m interested in a corporate agreement, who should I contact?

    Please contact us at mice@a-stay.com.

  • I forgot an item at A-STAY, how can I retrieve it?

    Call us or send us an e-mail! Our number is +32 (0) 3 53 53 553 and you can email antwerp@a-stay.com.

  • Where can I find your privacy policy?

    Your data safety is our highest priority. You can check our policy at www.a-stay.com/privacy.

  • Where can I find your terms & conditions policy?

    You can find our terms and conditions at www.a-stay.com/terms-and-conditions/