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A-STAY, your new GREEN KEY hotel in town

since January 2023



In order to contribute to a more sustainable society for future generations, we have chosen to implement an environmental policy.

🌿The goal is simple: make your stay as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.🌿


We are putting in place many initiatives to ensure that every step of your stay respects our planet.

  • Promote public transport: if you come by train, show us your train ticket and get your welcome coffee.
  • Partnership with Too Good to Go, every day for our breakfast : already 1,765 meals saved since summer 2021.
  • We clean rooms only every 3 nights
  • Bikes to rent & bikes parking
  • Sustainable Dripdrop umbrellas to rent 
  • Insect snacks


Green hotel


We clean our rooms every 3 nights, without using chemicals, with only water-based products. We refill the large soap dispensers with organic soap to avoid all those small, disposable, plastic bottles.



Our energy comes from Bee and is 100% sustainable energy.


We separate paper, glass, plastic, and our food waste.  It’s easy, and it’s the right thing to do. It also helps our waste collection team to not have to come around as often.  They are a very cool bunch; the waste collection guys. And they care about Antwerp just as much as us.


Let’s eat something different : insect snacks, Belgian organic tapenade, peanut in bulk, freshly squeezed orange juice …

But do not forget: TAKE WHAT YOU WANT, BUT EAT WHAT YOU TAKE. Help us to waste less food.


How can you do responsible and sustainable tourism?