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Bike in Antwerp


“Getting on our bike always makes us feel happier, even when it’s wet, cold or dark outside. There’s something about the spinning of the pedals that simply lifts our mood.
It’s the ‘exercise-makes-us-happier’ theory.  No joke, it’s all very scientific 😊.

Time to bike in Antwerp !

Next time you’re in Antwerp and want to explore the city. Stop looking! 🙂 Get on a bike. You can rent really cool ones directly at A-STAY. Make your stay and explore Antwerp by bike.

Unfold the city, stress and hassle-free 🙂



Follow our tips below and discover the best places to visit by bike in Antwerp. Some are located next to the city center and others are really perfect by bike.

Book your room and your bike

icon bike Follow our Antwerp bike guide 

  • Anna Beach : “Antwerp’s city beach”. Ok, ok, we knoooow, it is a small sandy beach by the Schelde river in which you cannot swim. BUUUT, you can enjoy a nice walk, grab a cup of coffee, or indulge in some mussels with frietjes, like a real Local. And if swimming is really your thing, there is an open-air swimming pool, De Molen, located just next to an old windmill.  Perfect Insta location, don’t you think?
  • St Anna Tunnel : THE best way to go to Saint Anna beach and to experience the real Antwerp. It is an old, long tunnel built in the 30s with the most nostalgic atmosphere and unique interior. Take your bike and your phone for the perfect photo. The tunnel is 572 meters long and runs under the Schelde river, connecting the left and right bank of the city for the last 90 years.  Did we mention that it is also home to the most iconic wooden escalators, among the last functioning ones in the world?
P.S: you can find a traditional fritkot just across the street. Perfect when your legs get tired.


  • Old Port Cranes (Oude havenkranen). As you may know, Antwerp is a harbor city. It’s the second-largest port in Europe and one of the oldest with mentions of the crane service dating back to 1263 ( perhaps even older but you don’t really know for sure). The Old Port Cranes stand in the open air just next to the MAS museum in the popular Het Eilandje district. Enjoy all the area: restaurants, “beach (river) bar”, exhibitions… Act as a proper Antwerpian!  Get your bike, check the best spots, whatever you do, don’t forget to order a pintje, or two…
  • Park Bridge ( Parkbrug) is probably one of the coolest pedestrian bridge you have ever seen. Crazy architecture and a picture-perfect location. Take a break and enjoy the view.


  • Rivierenhof Park : Outside the city center but ONLY 15 minutes by bike from A-STAY. Castle, ponds, gardens, best place to escape the summer heat, crowdy streets, tourists… and perfect spot for a picnic in Antwerp. Follow our bike guide and just bike.
  • De Koninck City Brewery : You cannot leave Antwerp with tasting the beers from this iconic local brewery. As an A-STAYer, you get to enjoy a special discount. Ask our Locals for more information on arrival, and Cheerssss!


Antwerp’s well-known and visited biking spots should not be forgotten either, regardless of the possible crowds! So don’t miss out on the beauties of Station Centraal, the Grote Markt, the MAS… Check our Antwerp guide here.

Make your stay and unfold the city of Antwerp with us (and your bike) !